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    Slimy-22 ps

    【Video】Play-back time → 27 minutes 30 seconds

    If I lose at rock, paper, scissors, I'll use a shotgun to spray lotion on her!

    Halfway through, I sprinkled the lotion in the bucket both from the front and from behind, and it became quite slippery!

    Next, I put some lotion on my suede pumps, put them on, and take a soak in the bathtub.

    Once I got out and felt the slimy feel of my tapered pants (pants that taper towards the hem), I took another lotion bath, and next time I soaked my head all the way!

    After taking off her jacket and enjoying the sheerness of her light pink blouse, she put the jacket back on and took another lotion bath and had some fun!

    Check out this Japanese woman enjoying her slimy look while wearing a casual look with a return cuff jacket (which lets you see a glimpse of her wrists) and tapered pants!

    * There is no telop in the main story.

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