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    【Video】Play-back time → 51 minutes 37 seconds

    A female prosecutor is pursuing clues to a difficult case and is stepping into the "muddy mud"!

    Her pumps sink when she takes a step, which is a pain.

    I pushed her on the uneven footing, making her fall and getting her suit a little dirty!

    She undoes her hair as she walks, and then arrives at a muddy pool.

    After playing with a ball for a bit, she scoops up mud with a bucket and pours it over her head, then rides on a killer whale float to play!

    As she goes along, she discovers a swamp, and before she knows it, she's completely immersed in it and enjoying playing in the mud!

    Keep an eye out for the fabulous woman's actions as she plays in the mud, forgetting her mission to find evidence!

    Muddy road (about 15 minutes) → Muddy pool (about 15 minutes) → Swamp play (about 20 minutes) → Total (about 50 minutes)

    * There is no telop in the main story.

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