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    【Video】Play-back time → 29 minutes 17 seconds

    Her suit comprises a dark gray jacket and a black skirt. While engaging in casual conversation, if she loses at rock-paper-scissors, honey is dripped onto her arms or legs.

    When honey is drizzled around the collar, the chest of the white blouse turns amber. She also enjoys putting honey in the cuffs and wearing plain pumps with honey in them!

    Adding honey to her back makes it quite sticky, and she pours a large amount of honey from a bucket over her head!

    After taking off the jacket and drizzling honey onto the blouse made of 50% cotton and polyester, it becomes translucent and sticky. Finally, she again pours honey from a bucket over her head and face, becoming completely covered in honey, unable to open her eyes.

    Enjoy the delightful and gentle antics of the cute Japanese woman, covered in honey, all while conveying the fragrance and situation!

    * There is no telop in the main story.

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